Zelko Associates was formed as a family office in 2016 to capitalize on quality real estate opportunities. After establishing deal flow and building a pipeline, we have opened up to partnerships with outside investors.

We invest alongside our partners in every deal we acquire. This allows us to fully align our interests and have “skin in the game”.


Our Team

Konstantin Zeldin

Konstantin is the founder and principal of Zelko Associates, LLC.  His passions in real estate lie in deal negotiation and structuring.  Konstantin helps maintain Zelko’s target focus of providing clean, safe, and affordable residential units in target markets.  He is in charge of deal acquisitions and investor relations.

Konstantin comes from a finance background – working as a fixed income portfolio manager for one of the world’s largest life insurance companies, managing over $80bn in AUM.  Konstantin holds a BS from Cornell University.


Alla Zeldin

Alla is Konstantin’s wife and is an integral part of the company.  She holds various roles such as accountant, tenant relations for internally managed properties, designer on rehab projects, and Konstantin’s right hand.  Alla brings a strong focus along with impeccable organizational skills which allow for the systematization of processes.  This helps the company scale and grow.

Alla holds a financial analyst (business partner) position with a privately held company that generates over $50bn in annual sales.  She earned a BS in finance from Ramapo College in NJ.


Property Managers

One of the most often overlooked pieces for any real estate investment is the day-to-day management of the property.  The majority of Zelko’s holdings are managed by outside professional property management companies with decades of experience.  We conduct a thorough due diligence process to partner with the best firms – those that have best in class approaches and methods.  These organizations are typically investors themselves and treat our properties as their own.



At Zelko Associates, we believe in the power of leverage to purchase properties.  However, we take a very measured approach – typically having built-in equity at time of close.  Since we buy properties at a discount to market value and lever no more than 80% LTV, we keep leverage well in hand.

We partner with regional banks in our target markets who understand our business model.  This helps us scale and mitigate risks since each individual property must be appraised.  Zelko Associates views these lender relationships as an integral part of our business plan and we work to maintain them.